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Why choose CSP?

Acquiring highly qualified candidates can run as much as 35% – 40% or more of the employee’s first-year salary.  It’s a financial hit that many businesses simply can’t afford.

CSP Technologies can help!


At CSP, we turn the old pricing model on its head.  We reduce or eliminate your up-front costs and save you money over the tenure of your hire at the same time.  Even better, our model reduces the financial challenges that can come with employee departures.  


PBRM starts by reducing traditional up-front recruiting costs by up to 100%.   Once a new employee is hired, on-boarded and working, CSP invoices our clients for an agreed upon hourly fee for each hour worked.  This hourly fee structure terminates at an agreed upon time horizon (typically 36 to 60 months).  In other words, CSP doesn’t make money until you do.  


If an employee recruited by a traditional staffing company decides to leave, you have to pay the up-front fees all over again (never mind the nightmare scenario of multiple departures from the same position…) 


CSP is different.  If an employee we supplied leaves before the time horizon, we will recruit a replacement at no up-front cost to you.  With white collar professional employee turnover between 37% and 60% annually, this difference can have a dramatic impact on the bottom line.  


At CSP Technologies, our client relationships are lasting.  We work to reduce costs on the front end, manage costs over the tenure of the employee and limit costs associated with employee departures.  We succeed when you succeed.

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Need more details? Contact us

Please contact us if you’d like to know more.  Its time to start saving money on recruiting!

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