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How to Hire a Security Clearance  Recruiting Agency

Let's say that you are searching for a Security Clearance Recruiter in Washington D.C.  or a staff recruiting agency for a business that requires government security clearance, how do you begin? There are multiple options for Washington D.C. Security Clearance  Recruiters.  How do you choose?   Well, first you must ask yourself, what are the most important issues to you? Perhaps these are some things to consider:

Communication Process

Whether you are searching for a staff recruiting company in Arlington, Virginia, or any area around Washington DC - You want to have excellent communication with the company.   Remember playing the game of telephone when you were a child? The more people the message went along to, the larger the margin of error was in relaying the original message. Well, this same analogy can be applied to when it comes to vital communications in the recruitment process. CSP Technologies prides itself on being a relatively smaller agency, meaning there are less people utilized to communicate between the company hiring us for recruiting, the job candidates, and the staff at CSP Technologies.  This can lead to the most success when hiring for DC Government JobsSecurity clearance jobs in the Northern Virginia area, or for any of your staff recruiting needs in this Tri-State area,



Let's be honest, price is always important. Hiring a security clearance recruiting firm in Arlington VA or a security clearance recruiting firm in Alexandria VA, or any of the tri-state area, for any type of job - can be extremely pricey and a risky investment.   At CSP, we turn the old pricing model on its head.  We reduce or eliminate your up-front costs and save you money over the tenure of your hire at the same time. Even better, our model reduces the financial challenges that can come with employee departures.  


PBRM starts by reducing traditional up-front recruiting costs by up to 100%. Once a new employee is hired, on-boarded and working, CSP invoices our clients for an agreed upon hourly fee for each hour worked. This hourly fee structure terminates at an agreed upon time horizon (typically 36 to 60 months).  In other words, CSP doesn’t make money until you do.   This makes CSP Technologies a great, Low-Cost Recruiting Firm in Northern Virginia. You can see our pricing details here.



When searching for the best security clearance recruiting agency in Fairfax VA or the best security clearance agency in Fort Meade MD. Or of course, anywhere in the tri-state area: CSP Technologies has the experience and skills needed to recruit the best staff. This of course applies for any type of job hiring needed:  whether it is security clearance, top security clearance, or TS/SCI/Poly clearance required. With recruiting expertise spanning almost thirty years, the talent acquisition managers at CSP are perfectly suited to finding the best candidates at a cost you can afford.

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